It’s a place where players, parents, and coaches belong to the club and the club belongs to them. We are not a loose affiliation of teams that play under a common administrative banner; rather, we have built a collaborative atmosphere where youngsters become creative, independent thinkers who can adapt to the demands of the game.

We have instituted a coaching method that is learned from well established national and international coaching programs. Emphasis at the youngest ages is placed on teaching technique: becoming “friends with the ball.” Independent decision-making is nurtured through small-sided games that provide ample opportunities for coaches to coach, and players to experiment and improvise.

Older players are exposed to coaching methods that incorporate Technical and Tactical Functional Training, Group Tactical Games, and of course “match-condition” situations.



Our Vision for Union Sacramento Football Club

Union FC is a club that develops intelligent and creative football players and plays a constructive, insightful, style of football. We (Union FC) play a possession, attacking based football giving our players the opportunity to problem solve using the various amounts of technical, tactical, creative, and physical skills.

We aim to be a model program for youth football and be recognized for a high level of football competency, cognition, and character, which will enable our players to achieve at the next level in life as well of football, be it Collegiate, Professional, or US National level.