The program is designed with the knowledge that children should be coached according to their level of physical and cognitive development and that “building blocks” need to be laid at a younger age in order for older players to be successfully introduced to more complex ideas. The UNION-fication program is designed as an early stage of a long-term journey for each child’s soccer and social development.


To introduce the game of soccer to our young players and show them how to love the ball, love the game, and love your teammates on and off the soccer field. 

These objectives will be achieved by introducing activities where children are encouraged to solve problems and learn through guided discovery. Coaches will reinforce the correct, age appropriate techniques and promote the benefits of making good decisions. All players will be given the opportunity to become comfortable and confident in possession of the ball and the activities will predominantly involve players with a ball each or ball between two.


There will be two 75-minute training sessions each week throughout the program and one game day on Saturdays and some Sundays. Each week of the academy will focus on a different topic. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, players will rotate through a number of different activities designed to promote learning of the technical topic of the week. This will be followed by an opportunity to practice these techniques in small sided games at the end of the training. Saturdays are game days where players will play 4v4 or 7v7 against other U8 teams in Nor Cal Region 6 league or Cal North League.

Main Objective(s):

  • Art of Dribbling and the making of the 1v1 player 

  • Dribbling, Turning, Ball Control, Running with the ball

  • Passing and Receiving

  • Ball Striking – shooting with the instep

  • Balance, Agility, and Coordination – A high focus of movement with and without the ball. 

Home Games: Homes games are played at Larchmont Community Park or Field that is approved by Union FC per US Club Standards.

1-2 local tournaments

Nor Cal Premier League/Cal North League(RCYSL)
Our teams will participate in Nor Cal/Cal North league for all competition(s) depending on the level of the team.  Both leagues hosts a variety of events from Spring, Fall, and Winter Leagues to State Cups and even single day play dates for U8-U11 teams.  We believe the leagues provide the best competition for our players to develop and compete at an accelerated level. League play will consist of 8-10 games played mainly on Saturdays. There can be Sunday league games during the season so please plan accordingly.  August-December.

Club Events
UNION FC Soccer A Thon – Current UNION FC players are encouraged to participate
Also Included

Ref Fees
Field Maintenance
League and Registration Fees

*Adidas Uniform – Not included in program fees*
2 jerseys
1 shorts
2 socks

Fall Season: $615
Spring Season:  $560